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11/01/2021 - You can now purchase physical copies of our long awaited first album on kunaki! While supplies last! Consult your doctor and find out today if Krimson Mask is right for you! Side effects may include: mood swings, ultra violence, general distrust of political entities, pure fucking hatred of false metal, instant death if played at a loud enough volume, and not AIDS. kunaki sales page

Old news posts can be found here, and you can still check us out on youtube: blechh!!!

09/19/2021 - Getting the artwork together to print Krimson Mask's debut album. In other news, we found a long lost memory card with forgotten music on it by the band "Tapestry of Flesh".

08/24/2021 - Come see us in Middletown CT on August 28th 2021!

08/11/2021 - The truth doesn't need to try hard.

08/05/2021 - Finish every day a little better than the day before. Another video is up and I'm still working on system for uploading and viewing images efficiently.

07/29/2021 - Slowly but surely reducing our dependency on google. I uploaded our first video to the site, but neocities sometimes takes a minute to catch up so please be patient.

07/19/2021- We are pleased to announce that our first demo discs have arrived. A limited amount was ordered to see what kind of quality we could expect. They look great and the price was great too! In fact, I will shill them for free. If you or someone you know is in a band and looking to have some albums printed at a fair cost, consider using Kunaki! Images and videos pages have been put up, soon we will also have a space for merchandise. Thank you all for your support.

07/14/2021- We congratulate Bloodborn Pathogens for joining the label! Expect more music soon.

07/05/2021-I've put up a few more tracks for each band. Krimson Mask's full length debut album should be released in the next month. It will be available for free download, but if you wish to own a physical copy, you will have to pay us money.

07/03/2021-Some bands have been added to the band page, more to come.

06/30/2021 This site is still under construction. I just made the navigation buttons work. I hope to start having all of our content offered here eventually. Until then, check the youtube page.